Back Pain during Pregnancy

Back Pain, Spinal Discomfort and Headaches May be ‘common’ but aren’t ‘normal’

During your pregnancy, you will experience a number of changes and challenges physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of the physical changes can result in discomfort in your body and often this includes back pain, spinal discomfort, hip pain or headaches. 

Some of the changes which contribute to back pain, spinal discomfort, hip pain and headache during pregnancy include...

Changes in your posture and the way you hold yourself. Your centre of gravity will rapidly shift (often seen around 30 weeks) putting increased demand on your spinal and back muscles.

Production of hormone relaxin which is known for helping the muscles, ligaments and other tissues ‘relax’ and become more pliable in preparation for labour also results in less ‘strength’ in these tissues to manage increased pressure from a growing baby inside. Your spine, pelvis and all of the supporting tissues work harder as the pregnancy progresses and are often the source of back pain during pregnancy if they are irritated. This is quite common during the second and third trimesters.

Pregnancy comes with the reality that you are not only bringing life into the world, but more specifically into your family & home. This often comes with it the need to spend a lot of mental and emotional energy and can lead to stress. If this stress causes tension in the body, it may show as musculoskeletal issues including pelvic or low back pain, headaches or others.

While it is common for women to experience pregnancy back pain, it is not always something to just put up with. Musculoskeletal based Back pain during pregnancy is often an indication of something out balance of and  there may be something you can do about it.

Once baby does come into the world, the demands on the mother’s body change also. With change in routine (including sleep patterns) come new postures, new stresses and new challenges.

We are here to help you and your family however we can. If chiropractic care is something you feel might help support you during and after your pregnancy, please call our practice to book an appointment, please call or email us with any questions you have... we are more than happy to share more information if you need.

Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy is safe and gentle. All of the chiropractors at Little Mountain Chiropractic are trained and experienced in working with pregnancy and enjoy supporting mums through their journey.