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Chiropractic Cranial and Craniosacral Techniques

Cranial and Craniosacral Chiropractic Techniques

Cranial Specific Technique or Cranio-sacral therapy is part of the approach of Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT). This involves gentle pressure applied to the skull in specific ways and over specific areas to release tension and improve function. The amount of pressure is similar to what you might tolerate on your closed eye. Because of the gentle nature of this technique, it is preferred by people who would rather not be ‘cracked’ and our experience is that this technique is also very suitable for young infants and children (when indicated).

The Chiropractic techniques used at Little Mountain Chiropractic are safe, gentle and effective for a range of issues people experience.

Many people consult Chiropractors for headaches, migraines (with or without Aura) and neck issues and these typically respond well to the techniques we use. We assess each patient as an individual to assess their concerns and problems specifically. Through a thorough consultation and examination, our Chiropractors will assess if your headaches or neck pain are likely to respond to Chiropractic care. 

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