Chiropractic for Children


Chiropractic Management of Tongue Tie and Breastfeeding Issues

Breastfeeding is a natural and important process for both the mother and the baby. However, for some mothers, breastfeeding can become challenging due to various reasons such as tongue tie. Tongue tie in babies, also known as Ankyloglossia, is a condition where the thin piec...
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Tongue tie, breastfeeding issues and the chiropractor

At Little Mountain Chiropractic we utilise Cranial Techniques and Craniofacial therapy that are very gentle approaches using light pressure to stretch and ease tension around the cranium. The Chiropractor will take a holistic approach and will also assess the entire spine du...
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At Little Mountain Chiropractic, we are here to help the whole family. Whether you are experiencing back pain or headaches, feeling the effects of repetitive work postures, or simply trying to reach your health potential by having a check-up, we are here to serve you the bes...
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